Feb 7, 2016
Screencaps, The Borgias Comments Off on The Borgias Season 2 Screen Captures

I told you I’d finish these Screen Captures before the end of the week-end, or did I? hahah! Anyway, here they are, the complete Season 2 has been screen capped! Enjoy and Stay tuned for Screen captures of Season 3.    

Jan 5, 2016
Screencaps, The Borgias Comments Off on Screencaps from “The Borgias” Season 1 Completed

Just a little update to inform you that Screencaps from “The Borgias” Season 1 have been added to the Gallery =) I will start Season 2 tomorrow, so stay tuned for more screencaps of Micheletto 😉

Jan 1, 2016
Screencaps, The Borgias, Website Comments Off on New Affiliate and Borgias Screencaps

Hope everyone enjoyed the celebrations of the New Year Eve yesterday 😉 I want to welcome Rebecca Ferguson Fan as our new Affiliate on Sean Harris Daily. I also added new screencaps of  “The Borgias”. The screencaps are from the following Episodes: “The Poisoned Chalice” , “Assasin” , “The Moor”, and “Lucrezia’s Wedding”. I will try to finish the whole show this week, so stay tuned for more Screencaps, and

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