Feb 7, 2016
Screencaps, The Borgias Comments Off on The Borgias Season 2 Screen Captures

I told you I’d finish these Screen Captures before the end of the week-end, or did I? hahah! Anyway, here they are, the complete Season 2 has been screen capped! Enjoy and Stay tuned for Screen captures of Season 3.    

Feb 6, 2016
Macbeth, Screencaps Comments Off on 163 New “Macbeth” Screencaps

Good week end, and good morning People! I’m just done with adding 163 new Screencaps of Sean Harris from Macbeth in the gallery. I have to say a big thank you to the girls at KissThemGoodbye for the HD Screencaps! A Big thank you as well to Morgane for telling me about KissThemGoodbye and their wonderful website.     Now here’s what I planned for the day, going to have my breakfast and will work

Feb 4, 2016
Screencaps Comments Off on A Mug’s game Screencaps

Thanks to Morgane for the lovely screencaps she did from “A Mug’s Game” And yes, I’m going to rush “The Borgias” I should be able to screencap at least 3 episodes today!! 😉

Jan 24, 2016
'71, Outlaw, Prometheus, Screencaps, TV shows Comments Off on Prometheus Extras , ’71, Casualty and Outlaw Screencaps

I’ve decided to be productive during the week-end and ended up Screencaping ’71 and the Extras found on the Specials Features of Prometheus. I hope you’ll enjoy these, and I still have a lot of stuff to screencap, I’m trying to do it as fast as possible, but being the busy bee I am, I cannot do this in just one week 😉 Once again thanks to Morgane for the Screencaps of

Jan 11, 2016
Blu-Ray Release, Macbeth, Screencaps, Trespass Against Us Comments Off on Updates on “Macbeth” and “Trespass Against Us”

Hey, good morning everybody. Sorry, I’ve been so busy lately with work and working out, I didn’t have much time for myself. Anyway, here I am! Morgane  found us a video from “Trespass Against Us” With more information about the movie. “Macbeth” Will also be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in The UK on February 1st, just as announced on their twitter on Friday =) Justin Kurzel’s masterpiece is out

Jan 5, 2016
Screencaps, The Borgias Comments Off on Screencaps from “The Borgias” Season 1 Completed

Just a little update to inform you that Screencaps from “The Borgias” Season 1 have been added to the Gallery =) I will start Season 2 tomorrow, so stay tuned for more screencaps of Micheletto 😉

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